Share some of your best memories of being a student-athlete at Thomas:

Some of my best memories would be playing baseball on the 2012 team my senior year. Greatest group of guys I could have asked for on a team. Being voted 2012 Student Scholar Athlete of the Year. Countless hours of indoor practice through the winter months preparing for spring training each year. Helping serve the community by coaching youth baseball clinics with the team. 

What are you doing now?

Thomas College Undergraduate Admissions Counselor Territories: Northern Maine, Coastal Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont. Duties: Visit high schools, attend college fairs, host events, and work with prospective students and families through application process, review applications.

How did your education from Thomas prepare you for your career?

My education from Thomas prepared me for all professional aspects of my job here in admissions, but more importantly my education has prepared me to be a lifelong learner and adapt to the changes in my work environment. I can apply things I learned in class to new tasks I pick up and excel at them. 

Are you still involved in sports?

I was the assistant pitching coach for the Thomas College baseball team for last season and play in multiple adult softball leagues in the area.  

What kind of advice would you give to current Terrier student-athletes?

Enjoy every moment you have while playing as a Terrier whether it is in practice or playoff games. The seasons will pass by quicker than you think and before you know it you will be remembering the times you had other than looking forward to the next season. Live it up and win games. 


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